Our Founder

Vanessa Torres

Vanessa Torres is a native of Panama who traveled overseas and abroad as a military dependent. The unique challenges of learning a second language and being exposed to other cultures, instilled a respect for diversity: a driving force in her mission.

In her professional capacity, Vanessa serves as a community outreach specialist, identifying community needs and organizing initiatives that promote partnerships and trust. In previous years, Vanessa worked as a correctional teacher in a federal institution for male offenders. It was there that she became awakened to the needs of a marginalized and forgotten population. 

In 2017, Vanessa founded Freedom for the Forgotten, a non-profit organization, to give back to her community and elevate the importance of re-entry programs that reduce recidivism and assist ex-offenders with overcoming shameful pasts. Today, Vanessa uses her experiences to serve her community and promote initiatives that empower women, minority entrepreneurs, veterans, and underserved communities. 

Most recently, Vanessa's  journey of overcoming abuse and regret motivated her to self-publish Unshackled: The Unfinished Journey, a collection of blogs and musings to help women who have struggled with invisible shackles take control of their lives and embrace restoration.

Vanessa attributes her success to her faith and a second chance at life.


Unshackled: The Unfinished Journey

After a rocky childhood and years of living in regret, Vanessa Torres has served her time. In this book, she reveals how her love for writing and working with ex-offenders became a potent force in embracing resilience and restoration. The book may serve as a re-entry guide for women who want to deepen their faith.  Student workbooks are available.